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1.       How to send your quotation list (RFQ)?

For those who want to send us your detailed quotation list (RFQ),

l         A list of less than five different (<5) items, fill out our “Message Form 1;

l         A list of five different items and above (≥5), fill out our “Message Form 2;


   Note: Not all of our motorcycle parts information are accessible. In case of any unavailability of products on our website, please do not hesitate to send us your detailed quotation file.


2.   Newsletter Subscription
If you want to receive our lastest information electronically, send us your e-mail address for
newsletter subscription. The newsletter will be sent to your inbox when it comes out. And we also would like to receive any of your comments in every aspect.


3.   How to get to us?
Always contact our “
Customer Service”.


     If you have any comments, write to us at


4.      How to search?

Right at the top of the left product navigation column, you will see the search portal (Quick Search and Advanced Search).

   search help 1.1


4.1   Quick Search

For professional visitors, simply use the “Quick Search” by inputing directly the most common English keyword(s) for the motorcycle parts you are looking for, and after that, by one single click on the “Search” button.


4.2   Advanced Search

For visitors who are not sure what to look for, click this “Advanced Search” button and you will find the page as follows. There are three searching tools provided right here.

search help 1.2


 4.2.1 Product Search

  If you know the product keyword(s), use this. And searching tips provided right below.


  4.2.2 Motorcycle Model Search

  If you are interested in all the related parts for one certain model, use this. And searching tips provided right below.


  4.2.3 Advanced Search

  The third searching tool combines the first two to help you with accurate searches. And searching tips provided right below.


5.       How to select an interesting item and put in your enquiry cart?

When viewing products of one certain category or after using our searching tools, you will probabally get one page of the folloing page like.

search help 2.1


View the interesting items by clicking “More” for full information, specify the shopping quantities, then click “Add to Cart” in the left side to put it to your enquiry cart.

search help 2.2


Repeat viewing and adding, and finally, click the “Enquiry Cart” at the right top of any page to check all the items you haved selected.

search help 2.3


Inside your enquiry cart as follows (your wish list), you are able to edit quantities and remove items. When everything has been settled down, “Continue Shopping” or “Submit selected products”.

search help 2.4


We come to the last step to finish. Complete the form with your contact information, details and / or messages, and click the “Confirm” button. Please be informed that the total shopping quantities always appear at the right top of any page, provding an easy access to your equiry cart by one click, anywhere and anytime.

search help 2.5